Automotive Repair Services

Kompressors Auto World offers complete vehicle repair services for our loyal customers’ needs, which include a full warranty on all parts and labour.


We feature products such as remote control starters and alarm systems. We sell, install and service systems that won’t break the bank.

Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if installing an anti-theft system on your car will lower your rates. In many cases, an alarm can pay for itself in the first year!

Electrical Diagnostics

Does your instrument panel continuously display a check engine light?

Slow starts, misfires, stalling, intermittent electrical problems, and many other issues can be solved by using the high-tech equipment that today’s manufacturers have designed. Kompressors Auto World offers complete on-board diagnostics to pinpoint and correct your car’s issues.

Emissions Diagnostics

Drive Clean is Ontario's mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program. These standards reduce smog-causing pollutants, which results in improved human and environmental health and vehicle fuel economy, performance and longevity.

We can help you make sure your car is up to Ontario's Provincial Standards regardless of the year, make or model of your vehicle. Even if you have already failed a test, bring your car in so we can improve its emission control systems so it will pass the next test.

In-Car Electronics

Your car can be home to wonderful audio and video for driver and passengers, with services ranging from upgrading your stereo to installing as many video screens as possible into your ride, Kompressors Auto World can convert your vehicle into an escape from the stressful, noisy environments you travel to and from every day.

Custom-Built Vehicles

Kompressors Auto World has the technology and expertise to produce one-of-a-kind results, from custom built vehicles to obtaining imported custom parts.

From one car lover to another, we have the resources to make your dreams into reality.

Diesel Servicing & Repair

Diesel engines have twice the power of normal gasoline engines and can reduce fuel costs significantly for many people; however, they also require more care. Proper and timely maintenance helps avoid serious performance problems and safety issues.

You’ve made a wise choice in engine technology – now let Kompressors Auto World help you take care of it.

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